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Never has higher education been such frequent front page news.  Never has it faced such transformational changes, pressures or opportunities brought about by emerging technologies.  New technological trends and the new prominence of digital education are transforming the role of the university and teaching, with more emphasis on quality content, how it is created and shared, who creates it, how it is accessed and how learning takes place.  All of this brings strategic challenges and calls for the acquisition of new skills to succeed in this fast-changing environment.  We believe there are new opportunities for marketplace distinction through efficient online operations supporting innovation through quality teaching and learning with media.  

MKA draws on the talents of industry leaders in educational media production and use of new technologies for teaching and learning.  We work with higher education institutions and other education entities to grow their capacity to create high quality, widely used online and blended courses, and customize courses, such as licensed MOOCs, to best serve local and institutional needs.  We tailor strategies to what makes institutional sense.  

Our focus is skills training, mentoring, strategic and operational planning and implementation.  Services are provided by a team of award- winning educational media experts, each a leader in the field.  Michele Korf brings four decades of experience as a leader in educational media production and strategy development for new education markets.  She has worked in publishing and with a range of media companies, in higher education at the university system level, and in public television as executive producer and head of the leading educational programming division within the public broadcasting system. Educational courses and productions she conceptualized and led have reached many millions of users nationwide, with innovative content formats, delivery channels and production approaches across subject areas, from foreign language college courses (cited by The New York Times as changing the way foreign language is taught in the United States) to the first system wide digital library to harness public television programming for standards-correlated K-12, college and professional development use nationwide. As a strategist, she grew the WGBH educational programming and outreach department to the largest within the PBS system, opening new markets for public media, new partnership models with publishing and other educational entities, and new models for creating and delivering instructional media.

    “We now have a wealth of tools for online education.  The challenge is to use them well.  What differentiates MKA is our focus on

     enabling others to produce innovative educational media rather than seeking to produce it for them.  We supply a critical next step
     for institutions: we link strategy to implementation through production process work and skills development.”   -- Michele Korf

​MKA services are customized to individual client needs and offered through a mix of online and onsite consultation.  Training and mentoring support such areas as online strategy development, scaling of efforts regionally and nationally, and incorporation of MOOCs and rich media and outreach into planning, design and implementation.  MKA offers customized strategy development and training to clients from a menu of services tailored to specific state, local and institutional needs, reflecting the structures institutions may already have in place.   Services are designed to benefit institutions through improved process and product, better alignment of digital education services with overall institutional goals, and acquisition of skills and institutional capacity to improve reach, student outcomes and institutional growth.  


Building the capacity of our clients to deliver high quality digital instruction and navigate a fast-changing educational marketplace is our goal.  We build on the distinctive strengths of each client institution within a forward-thinking strategic framework.  Media training is through an educational lens.  All training is customized to client needs and resources, with cost-effective options.  MKA is about helping institutions make the most of what they have to be competitive and innovative, with high quality educational offerings.  We focus on building skills and developing operational approaches and strategies for distinction in the marketplace.